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Mohawk SmartStrand Durability Challenge

Day 2 at the 2010 Family Circle Cup and there is no shortage of exciting action. First, Christina McHale defeats Galina Voskoboeva in a skillfully played set. SmartStrand carpet is proving to be an exceptionally soft surface for fans to walk on as they enter and exit Family Circle Stadium. Jelana Jankovic has looked very sharp during practice sessions as well. 5,226 people have walked on SmartStrand carpet so far, there's another 85,000 steps to go. We're tracking the entire tournament, the SmartStrand Durability Challenge is in full swing, make sure to check back for all of the exciting updates!
The Best Moments from Ricko the Rhino

Mohawk and DuPont captured more than 4.8 millions seconds of video from four different webcams over 14 days during the SmartStrand Challenge. During that time, Ricko the Rhino certainly had some fun on his carpeting -- and he made some extraordinary messes! Check out this 60 seconds worth of fun moments Ricko had on his carpeted enclosure.
Taniya Nayak: Designing a Modern Bedroom

Taniya Nayak, interior designer from HGTV's Designed to Sell, designs a modern bedroom using Mohawk Customweave: "Calm, peaceful, luxurious- that's what I envision a bedroom should be. So many times we save our bedrooms as the last place to decorate but it should be one of your big priorities. After all, it is the first and last place you see every day. "My inspiration for this room: the urban architecture itself. It calls for modern clean lines and simplicity. This bedroom needs to be a retreat, but offer a bit of drama. The large-scale headboard gives me grandeur and impact, and the upholstery softens the linear construction. Concrete walls lighten a super modern feel. If you dont live in a building with this kind of architecture, create it on an accent wall by skimming concrete or plaster on your drywall. Use light effects to create a soft mood. If you don't have a fireplace, make one with candles. "For color, I chose gray and lilac tones that create a hushed feel but included punches of bright color to energize you in the morning- a little like old Hollywood! Be sure to carry your color theme down to the floor like I did here with a grey-tinted lilac CustomWeave carpet, a tone-on-tone look that offers a subtle sheen. This thick frieze from the Textural Effects Collection offers luxury with its plush feel and the thick texture quiets the room for a Zen-like comfort. "Combining lots of surface textures- rustic wood, bright chrome, cool linen, and fuzzy fabrics and carpet- it's just another way to create a look of luxury that's all yours with CustomWeave."
Taniya Nayak: Rethinking Neutrals

Taniya Nayak, interior designer from HGTV's Designed to Sell, asks you to rethink neutral colors in creating a beautiful room: "Neutrals: sometimes people associate the word with nondescript colors that dont offer a lot in the way of style. But really, neutrals are the starting point for almost any color palette. They can provide a rich sophistication that brighter colors may fail to achieve. "Take a look at the deep grey used on the walls of this dramatic modern bedroom. It provides the perfect backdrop for unique architecture to shine and really helps the furnishing come together in the room. The carpet echoes this palette with another grey, this time with a touch of lilac added to give depth to the room as a whole. "Building a tone-on-tone provides depth without being over the top. It's a great background for pops of color that can even change with your mood. The next time you want to go neutral, look for deeper shades or with an undertone of color to add style and pizzazz to your room." Mohawk CustomWeave: "Make it beautiful. Make it yours. Make it CustomWeave."